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Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Friday, 22nd March.

Hello, and welcome to this weekend's edition of Great Kindle Deals. It's been an absolute scorcher of a week with temperatures almost hitting 30 degrees in some parts of the country, and it's only April. What happened to the April showers? Now, that's proof of global warming if you ever needed any. For the religious amongst us, Happy Easter! And for everyone, I hope you have a great week ahead!

Feature: Spotlight on Scott Nicholson
This week we are taking a look at Scott Nicholson, writer of US-number 1 Kindle bestseller Liquid Fear. He's partnered up with Great Kindle Deals over the coming months to get you some of his books at spectacular prices. His work has had rave reviews and is still at number one in bargain books in the US. In fact, we've featured this number-1 best-seller as one this week's cheap books in this newsletter. Next week we'll be featuring an interview with the man himself.

1. E-books outsell paperbacks - A few months ago we reported that Amazon is now selling more e-books than paperbacks and no-longer is this confined to just, no. Now, in the entire US more e-books are being sold than paperbacks. That's more e-books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other e-book stores than from traditional high-street stores. It almost seems impossible to believe but e-books really have taken the US by storm. Let's hope the UK follows suit and save some trees. I do however think that shops such as WHSmith are very aware of this fact - my local WHSmith sells toys now and the books section is less than a quarter of the entire shop floor. I do not want to see these shops go, or books go in general. I just think that writers are now getting a fairer percentage of their work through direct sales but we'll always need physical books to get signed by authors, right? Apparently not. See below.

2. Digital book signing - The Daily Mail reports that "a new electronic book app is offering readers the chance to get their virtual books signed by their favourite authors without them having to resort to writing on the outside of their Kindle or iPad cases. The Autography application allows fans to have the signature of their favourite writers added to the inside page of their eBooks." As one commenter said: "Anyone can electronically copy signatures over and over, once someone gets it they can copy it and email it to someone else and it becomes completely devalued, this is just one thing that cant replace the reality of human contact."

3. Borrow from your library with your Kindle (US) - In another move that is set to increase the proliferation of Kindle adoptance, and enrage UK consumers, US Kindle users will now be able to borrow books from their library digitally and even make annotations on it. These will be retained if you borrow the book again or buy yourself a copy from the Kindle Store. The service will be provided through Amazon and OverDrive. OverDrive currently operate in the UK with a similar system available for Sony e-readers - it's even available in my local library. The selection for the current uK OverDrive system is about 20 e-books at my local library. Let's hope that the Amazon Kindle compatible service comes over here too and allows us a much wider choice.

4. German Kindle Store - BusinessWeek reports: " Inc. said Thursday that it has launched its Kindle e-book store in Germany, bolstering a catalog of German-language books that it had already offered to customers of its U.S. and U.K. websites. The store launched with more than 25,000 German-language e-books. "

5. Kindle Android update - As Amazon makes its platform available on more devices, it has now updated its Android app to be compatible with Honeycomb Tablets. CNET reports that "the updated version offers a virtual bookshelf that stretches across the screen to let people visually browse and view titles at the Kindle store. The new interface also provides quicker access to customer reviews, recommendations, and other items of interest to book buyers. Further, Amazon has tweaked the layout for magazines and newspapers so that readers can now see full color images on their tablets."

Cheap books:
Rated 4 stars average from 12 reviews
Synopsis: "The US Number 1 Kindle Best-seller. hen Roland Doyle wakes up with a dead woman in his motel room, the only clue is a mysterious vial of pills bearing the label “Take one every 4 hrs or else.”
Ten years before, six people were involved in a secret pharmaceutical trial that left one of them dead and five unable to remember what happened. Now the experiment is continuing, as Dr. Sebastian Briggs concludes his research into fear response and post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s backed by a major drug company and an ambitious U.S. Senator, but he also has a personal stake in the outcome.
Only by taking the mysterious pills can the survivors stave off the creeping phobias, sexual impulses, and inflicted madness that threaten to consume them. But the pills have an unexpected side effect—the survivors start remembering the terrible acts they perpetrated a decade ago. They are lured back to the Monkey House, the remote facility where the original trials took place, and Briggs has prepared it for their return.
Now they are trapped, they each have only one pill left, and cracks are forming in their civilized veneer. After the pills are gone, there’s only one option. “Or else.”
Rated 4 stars average from 100 reviews
Synopsis: "Although it's billed as "the first great 19th-century novel of the 21st century," The Crimson Petal and the White is anything but Victorian. It's the story of a well-read London prostitute named Sugar, who spends her free hours composing a violent, pornographic screed against men. Michel Faber's dazzling second novel dares to go where George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss and the works of Charles Dickens could not. We learn about the positions and orifices that Sugar and her clients favour, about her lingering skin condition, and about the suspect ingredients of her prophylactic douches. Still, Sugar believes she can make a better life for herself. Despite its 800-plus pages, The Crimson Petal and the White turns out to be a quick read, since it is truly impossible to put down."
Rated 4.5 stars average from 36 reviews
Synopsis: "One of Rosemary Sutcliff's acclaimed books set in Roman Britain. The Eagle of the Ninth tells the story of a young Roman officer who sets out to discover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of the Ninth Legion, who marched into the mists of northern Britain and never came back.The Eagle of the Ninth is the first in an outstanding series of books about the Roman occupation which was followed by The Silver Branch and The Lantern Bearers also published by Oxford Children's Books.Packed with real-life detail about Roman warfare and featuring a likeable adventuring hero, this story will have particular appeal for boys.Rosemary Sutcliff is the acknowledged master of children's historical storytelling, she was awarded the OBE for her services to children's literature in 1975. She died in 1992." 
4. A Game of Thrones (Song & Ice of Fire 1) - £5.49
Rated 4.5 stars from 476 reviews
Synopsis: " The first volume of George R R Martin’s glorious high fantasy tells the tragic story of treachery, greed and war that threatens the unity of the Seven Kingdoms south of the Wall. Martin unfolds with astonishing skill a tale of truly epic dimensions, thronged with memorable characters, a story of treachery and ambition, love and magic. Set in a fabulous world scarred by battle and catastrophe over 8000 years of recorded history, it tells of the deeds of men and women locked in the deadliest of conflicts and the terrible legacy they will leave their children. In the game of thrones, you win or you die.And in the bitter-cold, unliving lands beyond the Wall, a terrible winter gathers and the others — the undead, the neverborn, wildlings to whom the threat of the sword is nothing — make ready to descend on the realms of men." If you are going to buy this, I'd advise you to buy the paperback as unfortunately it is cheaper than this version.

Free books:
1. Rampant
Rated 4.5 stars average from 7 reviews
Synopsis: " The moment she arrives at her rented vacation cottage in Scotland, Zoe Daniels feels it—an arousal so powerful she's compelled to surrender to the unusually forceful carnal desires...with nearly anyone who crosses her path. Crawford Logan, the boat builder with the wayward grin. The devilish restaurateur Cain Davot, who seems to know more about Zoe than he lets on. Even her sexy neighbor Grayson Murdoch, whose eyes delve into her soul as he explores every inch of her body. Yet there's something unsettling about the way the locals watch her, something eerie about these overwhelming encounters. Zoe knows she's not quite in control and wonders if there's any truth to the legend of Annabel McGraw, a powerful, promiscuous eighteenth-century witch who once owned the cottage, and whose spirit is rumored to affect anyone who stays there. Zoe doesn't believe in anything occult, but now strange visions are turning frightening...and only one man's touch can bring her back to earth."

2. The Secret Holocaust Diaries
Rated 4 stars average from 6 reviews
Synopsis: "How this story came to be written is a big part of the drama. The only World War II survivor of her wealthy Russian, devout Christian family, Nonna Lisowskaya came to the U.S. in 1950, married Henry Bannister, and never spoke about her Holocaust ­experience––until a few years before her death in 2004, when she revealed her diaries, originally written in six languages on paper scraps that she had kept in a pillow strapped to her body throughout the war. Now those diaries, in her English translation, tell her story of fleeing Stalinist Russia, not knowing what was waiting in Hitler’s Germany, where she saw her mother murdered in the camps, escaped a massacre of Jews shot into a pit, was nursed by Catholic nuns, and much more. The editors’ commentary in different type constantly interrupts the memoir, but the notes are helpful in explaining history and context. The added-on heavy messages celebrating Nonna’s Christian forgiveness seem intrusive and unnecessary, no matter how heartfelt. --Hazel Rochman"

3. Almost Perfect
Rated 4 stars average from 3 reviews
Synopsis: "A Free Spirit and a Reformed Bad Boy -- a Perfect Match?

Maddy was always the artistic one of the group, alive with color and mischief from her saucy red curls to her vintage hippie skirts. Her challenge, the friends decide, is to get her artwork accepted at a gallery. A job as arts director at a summer camp near Santa Fe—with its multitude of galleries—seems like a start in the right direction.

There’s just one catch: The camp is run by Maddy’s high school flame, Joe, whose heart she broke—okay, smashed—and his anger towards Maddy hasn’t cooled one bit. But neither has their attraction.

Old desires burn hotter than ever as Joe makes it clear there’s only one way back to his heart: She has to get serious about her art. But will falling in love help or hinder Maddy as she struggles to meet her challenge?"

That's it for this week folks, see you next time!

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Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Sunday, 17th April 2011

Hi everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of Great Kindle Deals. Can you believe that we're in the middle of April already?! It seems like just yesterday that everyone was celebrating the new year. This week there's only one piece of Kindle news but a major piece at that. There's also the usual information about cheap books and some nice free books too.

Reader survey:
I'd like to thank everyone who has completed the reader survey so far, but I'd like more of you to complete it as at the moment only around 2-3% of readers have done so. Please can you fill our our reader survey here - it means I can target the newsletter better to you the readers. It is free and really will help the newsletter. It will take less than a minute to complete. Thank you very much.

Feature - Interview with Amanda Hocking
Amanda Hocking's assistant got back to me saying that unfortunately she is currently unable to conduct interviews as she is busy writing her new book. However, here is an excerpt from a recent interview which contains muchof what I was to ask her:

"DAVID WISEHART: What writers inspire you most?

AMANDA HOCKING: I really enjoy Richelle Mead. Her characters are very strong and funny and real, and I definitely learn from her as much as I can.

DAVID WISEHART: What is your writing process?

AMANDA HOCKING: When I get an idea, I think about it for a few weeks, and then I outline. Once I have an outline ready, I sit down at the computer and write. Sometimes, I’ll write for 8-12 hours a night. When I’m writing, I usually shut myself off from the world for a few weeks and just write. Then I’m done, and I come back to real life.

DAVID WISEHART: Why publish on Kindle?

AMANDA HOCKING: I tried shopping around My Blood Approves, but with the market as saturated as it is with vampire books, I didn’t get any takers. I still really liked the book, so I thought I’d try Kindle. I’d heard some things about publishing on it, and it had to be better than the books just taking up space on my hard drive."

There is much more in the full interview at the Kindle author blog here (

The news:
1. New ad-supported Kindle - has announced a new ad-supported Kindle selling for $25 less than the current Kindle Wifi. It's equivalent RRP in the UK would be around £100 (a mere saving of £11). In return for this saving, readers will have ads delivered to the lock screen on their device, meaning that instead of the face of famous authors there'd be an advert there instead. Ads will also be present on the home screen when selecting books. This product will only be available for sale in the US at the moment.

The idea is interesting, yet for me a saving of £11 would no warrant having ads on the device. In my opinion, the device would have to cost around £50 for me tolerate ads on the device. It still remains to be seen whether Amazon can make back the $25 discount through ads and whether it will be available at some point in the UK. What do you think of an ad supported Kindle? Email us at and let me know.

Cheap Kindle Books:
1. The Good Son by Russel McLean (£0.99)
Rated 3.5 stars average from 6 reviews
Synopsis: "Scottish farmer, James Robertson, finds his estranged brother's corpse hanging from a tree. The police claim suicide. But Private Investigator J McNee is about to uncover the disturbing truth behind the death. With a pair of vicious London hard men loose in the Scottish city of Dundee, its only a matter of time before people start dying.
McNee must confront his own demons and these brutal killers in a violence showdown that threatens to leave no one alive.
The first in the acclaimed J McNee novels, THE GOOD SON was nominated for a Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America."

2. Bloody Valentine (Quick read - 144pages) (£1.59)
Rated 3.5  stars average from 17 reviews
Synopsis: "Exclusively for World Book Day, James Patterson brings his unique storytelling gift to the Quick Reads schem. This year Valentine’s Day isn’t for romance. It’s for murder.Mega rich restaurant owner Jack Barnes and his second wife Zee are very much in love. However, their plans for Valentine’s Day are about to be torn apart by the most violent murder.Who is the strange figure plotting this sick crime? Who hates Jack that much? There are plenty of suspects living in Jack’s fancy block of flats. Is it them, or could it be the work of an outsider with a twisted mind? One thing’s for sure, the police have got their work cut out solving this bloody mess."

3. Unlikely Killer - £0.69
Rated 4.5 stars average from 16 reviews
Synopsis: "Usually a serial killer will have a modus operandi that can lead to their capture. This one is breaking all the rules.
It takes a journalist's keen eye to grasp the terrifying truth. This killer is recreating infamous murders from history. Despite researching historical murders in an attempt to catch the killer in the act, the police are repeatedly outwitted. With the Jack the Ripper murders next on the agenda, a bloodbath seems inevitable.
With the clock ticking and the killer becoming increasingly frenzied, a detective and criminal psychologist join forces to stop this unlikely killer."

Free books: 

1. No fear
Rated 3.5 stars average from 4 reviews
Synopsis: "Welcome to Medusa’s Island . . . a vacation paradise complete with beautiful beaches and the quaint town of Medusa. But the island’s serenity is shattered when two young women are found dead from no apparent causes despite their expressions of terror. Chief of Police James Winchester and Emma Gray fear a monster from the past has returned to make Medusa its feeding ground. With passion flaring between them and a storm isolating the island, Emma and James have no choice but to again face the horror of a killer who exploits the deepest fears of his victims.
When James and Emma discover that Emma is destined to be the next victim, will the love they share be strong enough to save them? Or will the monster finally finish what he started five years before?"

2. The Charmer (Dark lands)
Rated 5 stars average from 2 reviews
Synopsis: "What would you do if your best friend was the wolf queen?
Jasmine didn’t realize her friend Wiley was something special until they were both drawn into another world. Here Wiley is the ruler of the Haunt, a were race as dangerous as they are proud. Cousins to wolves, they have no place for an ordinary human, especially one set on helping their reluctant princess escape.
Keilor is the master of soldiers, a man few would cross, yet he’d never met a menace like the little brunette his princess called friend. Determined to protect Wiley in their own way, the two cross verbal daggers as Jasmine tries to find the portal home.
But when Wiley begins to develop feelings for her betrothed, Jasmine is at a loss. Should she still try to run, or act on the animal attraction between her and her wolfman?"


Thanks for subscribing, I'll see you next week.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Sunday, 10th April 2011

Hi  everyone, and welcome to this week's edition of Great Kindle Deals. I hope you've had a fantastic week and at least here in London it has been very hot over the past week or so. I'd like to start off by thanking everyone who has left a review of the blog on Amazon after my request last week - all of them were 5 star reviews bring our average review up to 4 stars at the moment.It has also meant that the blog has moved up the rankings and is now the 11th most subscribed blog - although I don't understand how the top 2 blogs are ranked so high considering they are US Kindle blogs and have 1 star reviews due to containing no UK information. If only they knew about Great Kindle Deals.

I'd like to apoligise for a minor error in last week's newsletter it was in fact from "April" and not "March" as it said in the title. In other news, I myself am thinking of writing a thriller exclusively for the Kindle Store. I already have a vague draft ready and would like to do this for the experience of writing not only a book, but more specifically for the Kindle platform. Also, I have asked Kindle-millionaire-seller Amanda Hocking for an interview which I'd like to publish soon if she can take time out of her busy schedule for that. I'll keep you updated.

Now, after that lengthy introduction, here's the news:

1. Apple to challenge Kindle directly? - Rumours are emerging that Apple may be creating a hybrid-display technology allowing the iPad and other Apple devices to use e-ink technology as well as a standard LCD-screen. In my opinion, this is highly unlikely as the price of having both technologies in one device, as well as the extra space it would require, seems counter-intuitive to me. Read more here.

2. Kindles in libraries - A library in the US in offering e-reader rentals, not e-book but e-reader rentals. They have bought an Amazon Kindle and are offering it to be loaned out with several hundred books on it. The standard library rules apply whereby it must be returned within a certain date. There is a $2 fee per day if you return the Kindle late. Although this sound like a move forward, to me it seems like a backwards step, although more people will get acquainted with the Kindle - it will have to be locked down and shouldn't we just be able to rent books directly to our own Kindles instead of carrying around one that it used by many others. Original article here.

3. Searches for "Kindle" on Google soar - After the New York Times Paywall rose, and they announced that Kindle subscribers get free acccess to the online edition for $20 a month, searches for the device have increased by 40%. The independent has the full story here.

4. Users angry at Kindle book prices - US users are very angry with publishers in the US as they have started leaving 1-star reviews on Amazon books. The movement started as a result of people noticing that certain Kindle books are more expensive than their print counterparts and were being sold at $14.99 - roughly £9.10. I guess we're lucky here in the UK, although there are certain books which are more expensive on Kindle the majority of e-books are cheaper. And around 75% of the Kindle best-sellers are £1 or less and none are above £7. CNET has more.

Cheap e-books:

1. Classic British Fiction - Thomas Hardy's complete fiction - £0.71
Rated 5 stars average from 1 review
Synopsis: "This file includes the complete text of: Desperate Remedies, 1871; Under the Greenwood Tree, 1872; A Pair of Blue Eyes, 1873; Far From the Madding Crowd, 1874; The Hand of Ethelberta, 1876; The Return of the Native, 1878; Wessex Tales, 1879; The Trumpet-Major, 1880; A Laodicean, 1881; Two on a Tower, 1882; The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid, 1883; A Changed Man and Other Tales, 1885; The Mayor of Casterbridge, 1886; The Woodlanders, 1887; Tess of the d'Urbervilles, 1891; A Group of Noble Dames, 1891; Life's Little Ironies, 1891; Jude the Obscure, 1895; The Well-Beloved, 1897; and The Dynasts, 1903."

2. The Unquiet Heart - £1.00
Rated 4.5 stars average from 18 reviews
Synopsis: "LONDON AND BERLIN, 1946. The perfect partnership - gang-busters by day, lovers by night… Danny McRae, private detective scraping a living in ration-card London.
Eve Copeland, crime reporter, looking for new angles to save her career. It’s an alliance made in heaven. Until Eve disappears, a contact dies violently and an old adversary presents Danny with some unpalatable truths. His desperate search for his lover draws him into a web of black marketeers, double agents and assassins, and hurls him into the shattered remains of Berlin, where terrorism and espionage foreshadow the bleakness of the Cold War. And Danny begins to lose sight of the thin line between good and evil…"

 3. Mr Right for the Night - £0.86
Rated 5 stars average from 14 reviews

Synopsis: "Anna who is attending a ten year school reunion hosted by the ex school bully. Can she find a willing man to accompany her to the bash or will she have to turn up alone and face the girls who once made her life hell?"

 Free books: (There's a nice variation this week)

 1. A World I Never Made
Rated 5 stars average from 1 review
Synopsis: "Pat Nolan, an American man, is summoned to Paris to claim the body of his estranged daughter Megan, who has committed suicide. The body, however, is not Megan's and it becomes instantly clear to Pat that Megan staged this, that she is in serious trouble, and that she is calling to him for help.This sends Pat on an odyssey that stretches across France and into the Czech Republic and that makes him the target of both the French police and a band of international terrorists. Joining Pat on his search is Catherine Laurence, a beautiful but tormented Paris detective who sees in Pat something she never thought she'd find--genuine passion and desperate need. .A World I Never Made is an atmospheric novel of suspense with brilliantly drawn characters and back-stories as compelling as the plot itself. It is the kind of novel that resonates deeply and leaves its traces long after you turn the final page."

 2. 50 Ways to Hex your lover
Rated 4 stars average from 3 reviews
Synopsis: "The three-century, on-and-off-again romance between Jazz, a witch, and Nicholas, a vampire cop, takes an all new turn when Nick enlists Jazz's help to track down a maniacal serial killer with his own supernatural powers. Original."

3.  Get into bed with Google (Non-fiction)
Rated 4 stars average from 26 reviews
Synopsis: "It's all very well having a stunning website, but what if browsers can't find you? What if you're not visible on the main search engines, and on Google in particular? Making your site Google friendly or employing SEO should be a priority because if you don't rank on those results you may as well not have a website at all - it's that serious. Get into bed with Google can help you optimise your website. The 52 brilliant ideas contained within are canny and quick fixes that should result in immediate benefits to your site. This second edition of the bestselling Get into bed with Google contains new material on social networks and Google analytics that will catapult readers' websites to the top of search results pages. Simply brilliant."


That's it for this week -  I have one small favour to ask which is that if you have 30 seconds please can you fill our our reader survey here - it means I can target the newsletter better to you the readers. It is free and really will help the newsletter. Thanks and see you next week!

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Tuesday, 5th April 2011

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely mother's day. Here is this week's newsletter which has some exciting news for Harry Potter fans. :

1. Harry Potter soon to come to Kindle? - Empowered reports: "Harry Potter is coming to the Kindle and iPad as soon as creator J.K. Rowling agrees on making the hugely popular fantasy books available for download. The author is considering how to replicate the success of her work after winning fans through traditional publishing and the movies, this time in the e-book market.
“We are currently actively looking at all the various options for Harry Potter in this space, that is e-books,” Rowling’s agent Neil Blair told AP in an e-mail." Although this is not confirmed, it does seem that they we are one step closer to having Harry Potter on the Kindle. In my opinion this would be a great time to release the books digitally with the last film coming out in just a couple of months now would be the perfect time to get people to purchase the books on Kindle, talk about Harry Potter and make sure they all go out and see the film.

2. Free New York Times - Subscribers of the New York Times on Kindle now also get free access to the website. The website is behind a paywall meaning users must pay to read content on it usually but subscribers of the paper edition and the Kindle version get free access to the web edition too.

3.  The Times Paywall - As you may know, The Times (of London) is also behind a paywall here in the UK. In fact it now has 79,000 paying subscribers paying £2 a month. That's £8.2million a year being paid by subscribers online, on the Kindle and on the iPad. The paper's physical sales have deceased drastically but despite this the new online sales have added an extra 20,000 subscribers. The Times has really demonstrated that digital media (incl Kindle sales) really can work and can be done in a profitable manner, if the content is good enough.

4. Stephen Leather news - The Kindle-famous British writer has revealed that he is selling up to 2,000 ebooks a day. This really does show the potential of an indie writer - pricing books at £0.71 or $0.99 really does attract consumers. Why wouldn't consumers pay under £1 for a thriller on the Kindle when a normal paperback can cost upwards of £7? We wish him and future aspiring writers luck.

Cheap books:

1. Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor: Icek Kuperberg (£0.70)
 Rated 5 stars average from 3 reviews
 Synopsis: " Powerful in its stark simple language, Icek Kuperberg chronicles his personal experiences as a concentration camp prisoner during World War II. Interned in various work and death camps, Icek had to use his guile and wits to simply stay alive. That he persevered despite tremendous horrors and obstacles, testifies to his strong will to survive."

2.  Silver (£0.70)
Rated 5 stars average from 8 reviews
Synopsis: "In a race against time - believing the terrorists intend to assassinate the Pope - Sir Charles Wyndham's unique Special Ops team, codename Ogmios, track a labyrinthine course through truth, shades of truth and outright lies that takes them from the backstreets of London to the shadow of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and all the way into the heart of the Holy See itself.

 3. Kill&Cure (£0.70)
Rated 4 stars average from 36 reviews
Synopsis: " David Stichell, a London Chiropractor, is an ordinary man plucked from the normality of his existence and thrown into hell. As a helpless witness to the brutal shooting of his fiancee he escapes her killer and alerts the police. They arrive expecting a murder scene but the place is clean and his fiancee has vanished... Kill & Cure is fast, furious and incredibly well plotted..Reading Matter"

Free books:

1.  Graveyard Games
No reviews
Synopsis: "Dusty has always been the hothead in the pair -- her twin, Nick, he was the calm, cool and collected one. But now Nick is dead, found murdered in their local cemetery, and Dusty, on forced leave from her job as a Chicago police officer, goes back to her childhood home to attend the funeral."

2. Spying in High Heels
No reviews
Synopsis: " L.A. shoe designer, Maddie Springer, lives her life by three rules: Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. But when she stumbles upon the work of a brutal killer, her life takes an unexpected turn from Manolos to murder. And things only get worse when her boyfriend disappears - along with $20 million in embezzled funds - and her every move is suddenly under scrutiny by the LAPD's sexiest cop. With the help of her post-menopausal bridezilla of a mother, a 300 pound psychic and one seriously oversexed best friend, Maddie finds herself stepping out of her stilettos and onto the trail of a murderer. But can she catch a killer before the killer catches up to her..."

3.  When you went away
Rated 4.5 stars average from 5 reviews
Synopsis: " Only a few months ago, Gerry Rubato had everything he thought he needed from life. He was passionately in love with his college sweetheart after nearly twenty years of marriage, he had a bright, independent-minded daughter, and he had the surprising addition of a new child on the way. Then everything changed with stunning rapidity. With little explanation, his daughter ran away with her older boyfriend. Then, only a month after giving birth to their son, his wife died suddenly. Now, Gerry needs to be everything to his infant child while he contends with two losses he can barely comprehend. And when a woman walks into his life as a friend and their relationship verges on something more, Gerry must redefine all that he knows about himself, about love, about loyalty, and about his dreams.An emotionally charged novel filled with warmth, humor, wisdom, and unforgettable characters, When You Went Away is a novel you will take to your heart."

What I've been reading:
This week in addition to our usual segments I'd like to tell you a buit about what I have personally been reading (if you have read something particularly good lately please do email me at At the moment I've been reading the deeply emotional tale of Eilis in "Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin. Taking scenes from "Pride and Prejudice" and updating this with modern views of love, Toibin provides a truly spellbinding novel. It is £4.48 as a paperback and unfortunately more expensive at £6.49 for the Kindle version.


Before I bid my farewell, I'd like to ask a little favour of you please that should take just a moment of your time - the blog has been running for a while now and I'd really like to get reviews of the blog on considering we are the only UK Kindle Deals blog and  only have 3 reviews which on average give Great Kindle Deals a rating of just 2.5/5 stars. If you appreciate these blogs for less than a cup of cup of coffee every 3 months, I would really appreciate it if you'd give us a positive review. Just go to the Amazon website now, type in Great Kindle Deals in the search box and then lick the little number next to the stars and click "Create your own review." Or just click here and then "create your own review." I very much appreciate it.

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