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Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Monday, 30th May 2011

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely Spring bank holiday. This week there's a bit more exciting news in the Kindle world, as well as some free and cheap books.

1. Kindle 3G also gets Special Offers in US - You may remember a few weeks ago we reported that the Kindle Wifi is being offered at a $25 discount in the US in exchange for adverts on your homepage and lock screen. They have now extended this to the 3G kindle which does make more business since in reality, as they dynamically updated the ads 24/7. The 3G Kindle with adverts (Special offers) is available now for $164 instead of $189 for the non-ad-supported Kindle.

2. Amazon doubles Kindle battery life - After the latest Nook was released in America, Amazon has claimed that the current Kindle 3, including those previously manufactured, have a battery life of 2 months instaed of 1. The reasonapprently is because before the battery life stated was too conservative, to be fair I do agree, my current Kindle charge is at 50% charge and was last charge about 4 weeks ago.

Cheap books:
1. Bone & Cane - £1.00
Rated 5 stars average from 13 reviews
Synopsis: "Nottingham, 1997. Sarah Bone, Labour MP, is about to face the election battle of her life. At least she’s had some good publicity. On the night Sarah celebrates the overturning of Ed Clark’s conviction for murdering a policeman and his wife – her personal triumph – he sexually assaults her and brags that he did kill them, and more. As the murdered policeman’s sister Polly Bolton demands justice, Sarah’s obsession with the case deepens. Is she responsible for a terrible injustice? Nick Cane is fresh out of the same prison as Ed Clark, having served five years for growing wholesale amounts of cannabis in the caves beneath his old flat. A former teacher and political activist, Nick was the love of Sarah Bone’s life when they met at university, but they haven’t seen each other for thirteen years. Nick's only career option now is to drive a cab (illegally) for his brother’s firm, where he discovers Ed Clark again, this time as a colleague, and has a love affair with Polly Bolton. Nick has a mystery of his own eating away at him: who told the police about his dope-growing operation five years ago?The old chemistry still sparks as Nick reconnects with Sarah. Can an MP keep her relationship with an ex-con hidden from the media as together they attempt to expose Ed Clarke’s guilt?"

2. Mommy, May I? - £0.69
Rated 5 stars average from 2 reviews
Synopsis: "UNSUSPECTING...

Helena Shea is putting her life back together. Once a highly paid supermodel and now the owner and CEO of her own modeling agency, a recent bitter scandal that nearly destroyed Helena and the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago seems to be settling down. With a chance to have a relationship with her daughter, Frankie, and the development of a center for wayward young mothers that Helena is funding, it looks as if life is turning around for mother and daughter. However...


A killer raised amidst evil and seeking revenge is targeting Helena. Leaving a trail of blood in his wake, this sadist plans his return into Helena's life. When the madman abducts Frankie, Helena fears she might never see her daughter again. Seeking help from the journalist who almost destroyed her, an FBI agent with suspicions toward her, as well as her ex-lover who is also Frankie’s father, Helena must find the strength to fight past addictions and see her daughter back home again—alive.

Prepare to lock your doors. This eerie thriller will have you up late into the night looking over your shoulder. It is as equally compelling as it is disturbing."

3. Least Wanted - £0.69
Rated 5 stars average from 5 reviews
Synopsis: "Stephanie Ann "Sam" McRae's busy, but orderly life as a Maryland lawyer takes a chaotic turn when two clients are accused of murder. A poor, black girl is accused of killing her mother. A young man suspected of embezzlement is accused of murdering his boss. The cases collide in a bizarre way involving girl gangs and computer pornography.

Sam ventures into the heart of DC's suburban ghettos to find answers. A maniacal killer who'll do anything to hide them stalks her. After a nearly disastrous confrontation, Sam must do business on the run. As the body count grows, Sam races to learn the truth and clear her clients before she becomes the next victim.


Free books:
1. Fifth Avenue
Rated 4 stars average from 20 reviews
Synopsis: "Look beneath all the power and all the wealth that represents New York City's Fifth Avenue, and you'll find greed, blood, revenge. In the international best-selling thriller "Fifth Avenue," each intermingles within a revered society that is unprepared for what's in store for it when one man finally strikes in an effort to destroy another man for murdering his wife thirty-one years ago.

Louis Ryan is that man. George Redman, his wife, two daughters and their close friends are his targets. Both men are self-made billionaires who came from nothing to stake their claim to Fifth Avenue. But when Louis Ryan hires an international assassin to literally rip the Redman family apart, a series of events that can't be stopped catapults them all through a fast-paced, hard-edged thriller in which nobody is safe.

Secrets are revealed. Sex lives are exposed. The Mafia get involved. And George's two daughters, Celina and Leana Redman, come to the forefront. More than anyone, it's they who are caught in the throes of their father's past as Louis Ryan's blind desire to kill them all takes surprising turns in his all-out effort to see them dead."

2. Hollywood Scandals
Rated 5 stars average from 2 reviews
Synopsis: "Tina Bender is the gossip columnist at the infamous L.A. Informer tabloid. She knows everything about everyone who's anyone. And she's not afraid to print it. That is, until she receives a threatening note, promising, "If you don't stop writing about me, you're dead." Now her managing editor, Felix Dunn (from the High Heels Mysteries), has her teaming with a built bodyguard, a bubbly blonde, and an alcoholic obituary writer to uncover just which juicy piece of Hollywood gossip is worth killing over."

3. Broken Phoenix
Rated 4.5 stars average from 2 reviews
Synopsis: "When Gabriel Morgan's sister disappears somewhere in New York's underground, he'll do anything to save her. But finding her is only the beginning, because Marcus Slade won't let her go for less than ten million dollars – earned through Gabriel's blood.

Slade, one of five ruthless leaders of an organization identified only by a symbol, runs hookers and street fighters, and never gives up what's his. Including Gabriel's sister. To win her freedom, Gabriel is forced to undergo a brutal training program with Slade's top fighters in order to become one of them. He is branded, broken, given a new image, and a new name.

In the ring, Gabriel is known as Angel…and he does not lose.Because the price for losing is his sister's life."

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Tuesday, 24th May 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's edition of Great Kindle Deals, there's some nice news, some cheap books and a few free books too for your enjoyment.

1. 1 in 8 women download ebooks illegally - Here's a random piece of news which seems to have crept out of nowhere, the International Business Times. "Based on a poll of 1,959 consumers, the report discovered that compared to the average one in 20 women who admit to illegally downloading music, one in eight admit to illegally downloading e-books...Traditionally viewed as a "safe" group that generally maintains a low crime rate, the news has set alarm bells ringing for several of the major publishing houses -- many of which have taken the revelation as a potential warning sign that the e-book industry could soon suffer the same mass-piracy issues plaguing the music industry." Food for thought. Though, with the affordability of ebooks on the Kindle it is worth rewarding authors in my opinion and I'm sure my readers do just that.

2. UK, hardbacks outsold by Kindle - The London Evening Standard reports that "Amazon revealed that in the US ebooks have outstripped all printed books and, in the UK, Amazon now sells 242 ebooks for every 100 hardbacks. Gordon Willoughby, European director at Kindle, said: "This is truly astonishing when you consider that we've been selling hardcover books from Amazon.co.uk for over 13 years and Kindle books for only nine months." This is a fantastic milestone for the UK Kindle market and truly has shown that the Kindle is doing very well, hopefully one day we'll achieve the same as the US and outsell all books with ebooks.

Free ebooks:

1. Germs, Genes and Civilization: How epidemics shaped who we are today
Rated 5 stars average from 1 review
Synopsis: "AD 452: Attila the Hun stands ready to sack Rome. No one can stop him--but he walks away. A miracle? No...dysentery. Microbes saved the Roman Empire. Nearly a millennium later, the microbes of the Black Death ended the Middle Ages, making possible the Renaissance, western democracy, and the scientific revolution. Soon after, microbes ravaged the Americas, paving the way for their European conquest.

Again and again, microbes have shaped our health, our genetics, our history, our culture, our politics, even our religion and ethics. This book reveals much that scientists and cultural historians have learned about the pervasive interconnections between infectious microbes and humans. It also considers what our ongoing fundamental relationship with infectious microbes might mean for the future of the human species."

Rated 4.5 stars average from 72 reviews
Synopsis: " Part of the ANDRE DEUTSCH CLASSICS series, a classic story of four young women who struggle to overcome the trials of keeping up appearences whilst battling poverty and awaiting news of the fate of their father who is fighting the Civil War. Includes an introduction by Trevor McDonald."

Rated 4.5 stars average from 6 reviews
Synopsis: "RITA Award-winning author Barbara Freethy has enchanted readers with her warm, rich stories of love and family. Now, in an extraordinary tale of a man and a woman, once parted, now reunited, she brings readers to a place where life's sorrows are wiped away by the power of love. Fans of Kristin Hannah, Luanne Rice and Susan Wiggs will enjoy this heartwarming, sometimes heartwrenching, story. She Walked Back Into His Life ...

The last place Lisa Alvarez expected to find herself was babysitting for her ex-sister-in-law's three rambunctious kids. But when Maggie called her up and begged for time alone, something in Lisa made her say yes - for one weekend she'd leave behind the career she'd built and her new fiancé. But Lisa never expected her handsome ex-husband Nick to show up on the doorstep, walking back into her life, and taking over more than the weekend...."

Cheap Books:
1. Daddy's Home - £0.69
Rated 4.5 stars average from 4 reviews
A calculating and deadly killer is in search for what he terms as his perfect family. Preying upon single mothers and their innocent children, the police have dubbed him "The Family Man.”

He plays out his role as the perfect father. When things don’t go so perfect in his insane fantasy world, the family man kills.

Crime Scene Investigator Holly Jennings of the San Diego Police Department is determined to track him down and see that justice is served. With Holly being a single mother herself, this man's crimes are deeply personal to her, and turn more so when a friend and her daughter become the latest victims of “The Family Man." "

2. Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week - £1.99
Rated 4 stars average from 7 reviews
Synopsis: " Jenny Lopez is miserable. Having spent the summer working in LA, she’s back home in New York, and missing the three key elements in a girl’s life – a roommate, a job and a boyfriend. Jenny formulates a plan; surely someone must need a roommate and surely someone must need a girlfriend?By the end of the day, she has arranged a viewing for a potential roommate, the gay blond aka the Sex God,secured two dates, and work looking after a top supermodel. Things look like they are back on track; everything is going to work out great. If only life was so easy…"

3.  The Unremarkable Heart - £0.49
No reviews
Synopsis: "International, multi-million copy bestselling thriller writer Karin Slaughter is known for her compelling storytelling, intricate plotting and her ability to put the reader right at the heart of the crime. In The Unremarkable Heart she has turned her talents to a gripping story that will chill you to the bone.

This exclusive eBook short story includes extra material: the first chapter of her new paperback, Broken, out this June. And the first chance to read the opening chapter to her compelling new novel, Fallen, out in hardback this July."


See you next week, where we may just have some more information on this rumoured Amazon Kindle Tablet.

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Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Monday, 16th May 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's edition of Great Kindle Deals. I hope you had a lovely weekend. A big welcome to all our new readers and those that have been with us for a while too. This week we have some more interesting news on the kindle and Amazon's tablet, as well as nice little kindle accessory and some free and cheap books.

1. Fourth Kindle Millionaire - Amazon.com this week announced that Charlaine Harris is the fourth author to sell over 1 million Kindle books, becoming the latest member of the "Kindle Million Club." The Kindle Million Club recognizes authors whose books have sold over 1 million paid units in the Kindle Store . Stieg Larsson, author of the Millennium Trilogy, was the first author to hit the 1 million mark, followed by James Patterson and Nora Roberts. "All Charlaine Harris' books, and in particular her 'Sookie Stackhouse' series, are favorites with our Kindle customers, and the great sales of the 11th book in this series, 'Dead Reckoning,' have helped push Harris past one million books sold," said David Naggar, Vice President, Kindle Content. "We're happy to welcome her to the Kindle Million Club." Well done to Miss Harris and I hope that we'll be able to congratulate more and more Kindle Millionaires here on Great Kindle Deals over the coming few months.

2.  Remember Amazon's ad-supported Kindle? - A few weeks back we reported that Amazon.com would be selling a Kindle with ads for $25 less than the normal Kindle 3 (US only). Well it's now on sale and the ad-supported Kindle is now its best-selling Kindle selling more units than the old non-ad-supported version. It looks like this innovative move has paid off for Amazon, now it remains to be seen whether Amazon can make their money back off ads in the coming months and years and whether user satisfaction is just as high on these Kindles.

3. Kindle to top $5.42 billion is revenue this year - Analysts are predicting that sales of the Kindle device and its associated content will reach $5billion this year worldwide,  and will climb to almost $8billion in 2012. The report claims that this is due to the rapid increase in titles in the Kindle Store with thousands of new titles added every month and almost every new book being launched in print and in digital form simultaneously. In fact there are over 713,000 books, magazines and newspapers  in the UK Kindle Store today. 

4. Kindle tablet confirmed - Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pretty much confirmed the Amazon tablet this week by asking consumers to "stay tuned" for the Amazon tablet. Rumours online says that they are "99% sure" that Samsung will be manufacturing the tablet and that it will not be replacing the kindle due to its higher price point, but rather be another option.

This week's spotlight is well, on an actual book light. This Really TINY Reading light is great for attaching to your kindle if it has a case - its tiny, light, uses next to no power, lasts long and covers the entire reading area whilst not lighting up the whole room. It even comes in handy as a torch if you need one. It costs £5.85 delivered straight to your door.
For a direct link to this item visit www.greatkindledeals.blogspot.com or click the link above.

Cheap books:
1. Creative Spirit by Scott Nicholson (£0.70)
Rated 5 stars average from 4 reviews
Synopsis: "After parapsychologist Anna Galloway is diagnosed with metastatic cancer, she has a recurring dream in which she sees her own ghost. The setting of her dream is the historic Korban Manor, which is now an artist's retreat in the remote Appalachian Mountains. Drawn both by the ghost stories surrounding the manor and her own sense of destiny, Anna signs up for the retreat.

The manor itself has secrets, with fires that blaze constantly in the hearths, portraits of Korban in every room, and deceptive mirrors on the walls. The house's brooding atmosphere affects the creative visions of the visiting artists. A mysterious woman in white calls to Anna from the forest, while Mason is driven by the whispers of an unseen critic. With an October blue moon looming, both the living and the dead learn the true power of their dreams. A modern Gothic thriller.

2. The Child Taker by Conrad Jones (£0.99)
Rated 4 stars average from 51 reviews
Synopsis: "A stand alone novel based on high profile child abductions, which have been followed by millions of concerned parents on the news. 5 year old twins are abducted from a tent in the Lake District and the hunt for a dangerous peadophile ring begins. Police procedure follows the premise that 60% of abducted children are murdered within the first four hours of being taken. The first hour is called "The golden hour" and the longer a child is missing, the less chance there is of them being recovered unharmed. The Child Taker follows the desperate search for the missing twins."

3. Bye Bye Baby (£0.86)
Rated 4 stars average from 28 reviews
Synopsis: "When a seven-year-old boy disappears after school, the case is handed to Detective Frank Collins. He's been looking to lead a high-profile case for a while, and sets out determined to prove his worth. But the missing schoolboy is only a trigger for another crime. Someone is intent on exploiting the boy's grief-stricken mother. And they have plans for Frank Collins too."

Free books:
1. You've gone too far this time, Sir
Rated 5 stars average from 6 reviews
Synopsis: "When Danny Bent cycled 15,000 kilometres from the UK to India to raise money for ActionAid, it was a decision that took twenty years and one minute. For twenty years he had wanted to do something to raise money for charity. The one minute was when as their teacher he was put on the spot by his pupils and declared that the means was by bike, and he was going to India. What he had signed up for was slogging along roads with trucks bearing down on him, unable to see and choking in the smog; shooting down treacherous descents with 100 foot drops, shaking with cold and too numb to brake; muscle burn and saddle sores; delirium and food poisoning; thirst and malnutrition; foul and insanitary conditions; life-threatening crises; obstructive border guards, crazed dogs and inquisitive passers-by.

'You've Gone Too Far This Time, Sir!' is a real and compelling blow-by-blow account of Danny's trip across Europe, the former Soviet Republics, Russia, China, Pakistan and India."

2. Perfect Crime
Rated 4 stars average from 3 reviews
Synopsis: "A San Francisco wife plots to murder her philandering husband by being in two places at one time.  She commits the Perfect Crime and starts an exciting new life with a sexy new boyfriend, living off the life insurance policy of her murdered husband.  Until her doorbell rings one night . . . ."

3. The Defector
Rated 4.5 stars average from 6 reviews
Synopsis: " What would you do, when it's you or them? This is the dilemma at the heart of The Defector - can Martin Cormac turn his back on his ruthless past as a currency trader, a major city player, and do the right thing? Not when he's looking for answers in a succession of sleazy dives...

One night, Cormac gets caught trying to chat up the bar owner's girlfriend and soon needs rescuing. But his white knight is anything but - Janac's a big-time drug dealer with a psychotic urge to test people to the limit, and if possible... over it. And soon Cormac is running from more than his past, he's running from the most dangerous game he will ever play."


I hope you enjoyed the newsletter and found some nice bargains, thanks for subscribing and see you next week.

Giovanni Costa

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Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Friday, 6th May 2011

Hi and welcome everyone to the latest edition of Great Kindle Deals. I'd like to apologize for last week's newsletter not being sent as the publishing platform appears to have messed up and not send last week's edition. So, this week I'll include both week's worth. Sorry about that.

1. Amazon reports loss in earnings - Amazon has posted a net profit of £122million for the past year, down 33%, although sales have risen by 31% from last year. The explanation - Amazon has been invested significantly in "new products and technologies." The key bit for us Kindle users is just these "new products and technologies." And if you read on, you will see where these technologies may be leading.

2. Amazon to take on iPad - The Telegraph reports: "First Amazon’s Kindle revolutionised the book market – now the company is set to release its own rival to Apple’s iPad. Taiwanese manufacturers are gearing up to produce up to 800,000 of the new tablet devices per month in the second half of this year, sources at Quanta, a company that also works for BlackBerry and Sony said. The new Kindle is likely to be based on Google’s operating system Android, and has caused excitement because Amazon already sells movies and music downloads. Amazon has also recently launched its own App store to rival that provided by Apple."

3. Ebook sales up in 2010 - The official figures are out and sales last year of ebooks were up 38% (for me, actually a surprisingly small number),  there for £120million in digital book sales accounting for just 4% of the £3.1billion. The Register says: "The book market here is actually a larger than that – the Association notes that sales figures it receives are probably around 70 per cent of digital book sales. Extrapolating from this and other surveys, the Association reckons the true size of the digital slice of the market is nearer to £180m, out of a cake worth £3.8bn"


Feature: Interview
GKD: Introduce yourself to us please, and tell us one fun fact about yourself.
Scott: I’m Scott Nicholson, and I live in the Southern Appalachian Mountains in the U.S. I’ve
written 20 books and six screenplays, but the most interesting thing about me is I am an
organic gardener and heirloom seed saver.

GKD: Interesting. So, how did you get into writing? 
Scott: I always had pencils and paper around and I was always drawing, writing, just making stuff up. It was a fun little escape from a crowded family.
The smell of crayons still gives me a thrill.

GKD: So, had you always wanted to be a writer?
I always knew I’d be a writer someday, but I ventured into music for a number of years. It wasn’t until I finally got a college degree that I was afraid I’d live a normal life, so I immediately started writing every day.

GKD: And is writing your full-time job? 
Yes, I’ve been writing for 15 years while working as a newspaper reporter, but in February I went full-time, thanks to all the wonderful Kindle readers.

GKD: What advice do you have for aspiring writers? 
Scott: Make your craft your biggest asset. Work hard and expect disappoint. Most of all, do good and be kind.

GKD: Have you found the Kindle has worked out as a business model for you?
Scott: Absolutely. I’d had nine books from “real publishers” but usually only one or two would be in a store at any one time. Now all of them are available all the time, all around the world, and I feel a real close connection to my readers.

GKD: What importance would you attribute to social media in book promotion? 
Scott: Your friends are your success in life, whether they are online friends or people in your daily routine. Treasure them! 

GKD: What projects are you working on now? 
Scott: I’m working on a sequel to Liquid Fear and starting a big promotion for The Skull Ring, another suspense thriller. We’re developing some children’s books and I’m also collaborating with bestselling writer J.R. Rain. You can keep up with things at my web site, Haunted Computer.

GKD: Is there anything else you'd like to add? 
Scott: Due to rights issues, I have some supernatural thrillers out for Kindle in the UK that are unavailable in the U.S.: Creative Spirit, Troubled, Solom, and The Gorge. I believe British readers will love them, since they didn’t get over here in paperback. Thanks, Giovanni, for your cool blog and your service in getting the word out about Kindle books.

GKD: Thank you very much for your time and good luck with your books.
Scott: Thanks!


Cheap books:
Truth Dare Kill by Gordon Ferris - £1.00
Rated 4.5 stars average from 37 reviews
Synopsis: "Memories can lie…
Especially when other people mess with your mind... Danny McRae is a private investigator. He’s no Philip Marlowe but what else is a demobbed SOE agent to do now the war is over and the world struggles back to normality? Not that anything will be normal for Danny until he fills the void in his memory which swallowed up an entire mission to France. But first he has a case to investigate. Elegant, upper-class Kate Graveney has made a shocking admission, and Danny needs to get her off the hook. Danny sets off on a hunt through bomb-ravaged London, the bleak cityscape mirroring the ruins of his mind. The head injury which gouged his memory also gives him blackouts: hours, sometimes days, are a complete blank. Newspaper headlines about a brutal killer stalking London’s red light district make him uneasy, and a visit from an old adversary awakens dark misgivings. At least there’s Valerie – but even she proves elusive. He is assaulted by the police and befriended by the madam of a cat-house. He is torn between his upper class client and the shop girl who believes in him. The odds stack up against Danny and soon he fears for his life. The only escape is through that gap in his memory…"

2. Replica by Lexi Revellian (The author of bestseller Remix) - £0.99
Rated 5 stars average from 21 reviews
Synopsis: "REPLICA is a fast-paced thriller/romance you will find hard to put down.
Beth Chandler works in a government research institute, and is accidentally replicated in a flawed experiment. The replica has no official existence, and when she overhears plans to liquidate her, goes on the run. Homeless, penniless and pursued by MI5, she has to learn how to survive on icy London streets. Meanwhile, the original Beth, unaware of what has happened, becomes romantically involved with Nick Cavanagh, the spec op she believes is there to protect her. In fact, he’s hunting her double."

 3. "Silver" by Steven Saville - £0.68
 Rated 4 stars average from 27 reviews
Synopsis: ""There is a plague coming....For forty days and forty nights fear shall savage the streets. Those steeped in sin shall burn. The dying begins now"With this chilling message a wave of terror unlike anything the world has ever seen sweeps the streets of Europe. Thirteen martyrs burn themselves alive in thirteen major cities simultaneously.

And this is just the beginning.A religious cult calling itself the Disciples of Judas has risen in the Middle East. They twist the words of ancient prophecies to drive home the fear. Everything you believe in will be proved wrong. Everything you hold true will fail.
Day by day the West wakes to increasingly harrowing acts of terror. As fear cripples the capitals of Europe, the only question is where will be the next to fall? London? Rome? Berlin?
In a race against time - believing the terrorists intend to assassinate the Pope - Sir Charles Wyndham's unique Special Ops team, codename Ogmios, track a labyrinthine course through truth, shades of truth and outright lies that takes them from the backstreets of London to the shadow of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and all the way into the heart of the Holy See itself."

Spotlight: In June "Madeleine" will be released, Kate and Gerry McCann’s personal account of the disappearance and continuing search for their daughter.“There are several different reasons as to why I finally came to the decision with my husband Gerry to write and publish this book,” said Kate McCann. “This decision has not been an easy one. Many factors needed to be given thorough and careful consideration, not least the impact of such a book on the lives of our three children. My reason for writing is simple; to give an account of the truth.Publishing this book has been a very different decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart. However, in the last few months with the depletion of Madeleine’s Fund, it is a decision that has virtually been taken out of our hands.Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”Gerry McCann said: “We are hopeful that this book may help the investigation to find Madeleine in other ways too. Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information (knowingly or not) to come forward and share it with our team. Somebody holds that key piece of the jigsaw.”Bill Scott-Kerr, Publisher at Transworld, bought the book from the Christopher Little Literary Agency for publication in Spring 2011. All royalties will be donated directly to Madeleine’s Fund – Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited.Bill said: ‘It is an enormous privilege to be publishing this book. We are so pleased to be joining Kate and Gerry McCann in the Find Madeleine campaign."The McCanns' Literary Agents, Christopher Little and Neil Blair, said: "We are honoured to be part of this emotive project and to support the McCanns in their search for Madeleine."

Given all the controversy I am sure this book will be one of the most sold this year. This is a pre-order copy which will be released May 12th on paperback and May 16th on Kindle, it will be automatically delivered for free on its release date. Madeleine costs £8.10 on the Kindle here, or £9.00 in Hardcover here.

Spotlight: Royal Wedding Fever - although the big event was last weekend, how about continuing the celebrations with the biography of William and Catherine with William and Catherine: Their Lives, Their Wedding for just £3.99. Synopsis: On 16 November 2010, the long-awaited engagement of HRH Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton was formally announced, with a London wedding promised for April 2011. Andrew Morton, the leading royal biographer famous the world over for his million-copy bestselling, authorized biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, has written a full-length biography of William and his new bride Kate.Morton has followed the prince's life since birth and has unrivalled insight into the royal family.

Free Books:
1.The CV by Alan Sugar
Rated 2 stars average from 1 review
Synopsis: Read Lord Sugar's CV, with its extracts from his bestselling autobiography What You See is What You Get, and discover what it takes to make a true entrepreneur.

Alan Sugar was born in 1947 and brought up on a council estate in Clapton, in Hackney. He started spotting money-making opportunities as a kid, engaging in activities as diverse as selling surplus 35mm film to schoolmates (undercutting the photographic shops by 50%) and making and selling his own ginger beer. At the age of nineteen he set up his own company; through his CV we see how Amstrad's groundbreaking ventures in hi-fi and computers made him the darling of the stock exchange. The breadth of his experiences is apparent, from buying Tottenham Hotspur FC and exposing corruption in the football industry to starring in the BAFTA-winning television show The Apprentice; from his appointment as Enterprise Champion, advising the government on small business and enterprise, to his elevation to the peerage."

2. Life of Pi by Yann Martel [GRAB IT QUICK!]
Rated 4 stars average from 359 reviews
Synopsis: " This title is the winner of The 2002 Booker Prize. After the tragic sinking of a cargo ship, one solitary lifeboat remains bobbing on the wild, blue Pacific. The crew of the surviving vessel consists of a hyena, a zebra (with a broken leg), a female orang-utan, a 450-pound Royal Bengal tiger and Pi - a 16-year-old Indian boy. The scene is set for one of the most extraordinary pieces of literary fiction of recent years."

3. The Stolen Child by Brian McGilloway
Rated 4 stars average from 1 review
Synopsis: "An exclusive free edition of Brian McGilloway's acclaimed short crime-story, featuring Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin.

Includes the opening chapters of McGilloway's dazzling new novel, Little Girl Lost ('Truly chilling' Ann Cleeves)."

4. The Sheperd by  Ethan Cross
Rated 4.5 stars average from 9 reviews
Synopsis: "Marcus Williams and Francis Ackerman Jr. both have a talent for hurting people. Marcus, a former New York City homicide detective, uses his abilities to protect others, while Ackerman uses his gifts to inflict pain and suffering. When both men become unwi"


Great Kindle Deals Book Club
One of the most popular responses from our recent survey was the idea of a Book Club where all the members could read something together at the same time and then share discussions about the book. So, I'd like to know what you all think - would you participate in something like this? We'd be sure to choose books which were relatively cheap and maybe even some classics which are free. Send in your suggestions too for a book we could start off with, and we'll get the ball rolling. Email us at greatkindledeals@gmail.com


That's it for this week, see you next week with another newsletter packed with more news, free books, cheap books and features. Also, why not suggest Great Kindle Deals to a friend? For less than a price of coffee every few months they can get 52 week's worth of Kindle goodness and more than make their money back from all the free books we offer. See you next week.