Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lots of free e-books today

We've been scouring the web again and there's a load of free books for you to download, though as always these will most likely only be available for a short period of time. So without further a-do let's get some great kindle book deals:

1. 'Roseanna' by Per Wahloo (Rated 4.5/5 stars from 23 reviews) - This title has only just become free and is likely to disappear quickly.

Synopsis: "'Roseanna' begins on a July afternoon, the body of a young woman is dredged from Sweden's beautiful Lake Vattern. Three months later, all that Police Inspector Martin Beck knows is that her name is Roseanna, that she came from Lincoln, Nebraska, and that she could have been strangled by any one of eighty-five people. With its authentically rendered settings and vividly realized characters, and its command over the intricately woven details of police detection, 'Roseanna' is a masterpiece of suspense and sadness."

2. 'Cybill disobedience' by Cybill Shepherd

Synopsis: "From wholesome beauty queen to saucy cover girl, from heartbreaking movie star to one of television's most loved comediennes, Cybill Shepherd is renowned as sassy, shocking and sexy. In this autobiography she displays the wit and honesty and indomitable spirit of a star who knows it all."

3. 'Clouded Rainbow' by Jonathan Sturak - Usually 99 cents to download, but it is FREE on Smashwords by entering coupon code DK68H when checking out. Download the Kindle (mobi) file and copy it to your kindle via USB or email it to yourself.

Synopsis: "Roger Belkin has everything going for him--the job, the car, the marriage, but on one cold, dark night, he will lose everything... "

4. 'The Expeditioner's Club Volume One' by Rio Roosevelt - Usually $5.99 at Smashwords, using coupon code KB56K will get you this ebook for free. Download the Kindle (mobi) file and copy it to your kindle via USB or email it to yourself.

Synopsis: "Timothy Elliott,is an ordinary boy at the beginning of an extraordinary life. He is terrified first and delighted later when he learns that as the child of two expeditioners, he has been born with the ability to time travel, and what the plan for his life really is. Through his thrilling adventures, Timothy will discover the world as only an expeditioner can." 

5. Twelve free textbooks for Amazon customers - ranging from geometry to calculus. Here's one for you students out there.

6. Ten more free e-books - There a great range of ebooks here, download the mobi version if available or get the PDF and then email it to your Kindle for free with the word "convert" in the subject line.

Hopefully those should keep you busy reading for a while and provide you hours of entertainment and joy. All we ask in return is that you recommend us to your friends and online. Thank you.

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