Friday, 17 September 2010

Some great Kindle tips to make your Kindle life that bit better

Here are a few Kindle 3 tips that should hopefully make your Kindle experience that much better:

1. Kindle has Minesweeper - Press alt + shift + m at the same time and a classic game of minesweeper will come up for you to pass some time.

2. Kindle has GoMoku - Press alt + shift + m and when minesweeper appears, press "g" and you have GoMoku, it's sort of like noughts and crosses  but you have to get 5 in a row instead of 3.

3. Press shift + QWERTYUIOP - If you want to enter a number don't bother clicking symbol and then navigating to numbers. Press the aforementioned key combination and the numbers appear!

4. - Visit this website on your Kindle and it's basically Google Maps on your Kindle (more useful on the 3G version) including directions. It works for both the UK and the US at least. If in the UK, use a postcode as that works better.

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