Sunday, 19 September 2010

eBook prices to rise from tomorrow at Amazon UK

The world's second biggest publisher, Hachette UK, has announced that from Monday, 20th September 2010 they will be setting e-book prices for the UK. Hachette is set to collide with Amazon UK who have explicitly affirmed that they set e-book prices in the UK and have low e-book price due to that fact.

The move is likely to mean a great rise in all Hachette UK's e-books on Amazon UK - although there is a chance some may be slightly reduced it price, however this is unlikely due to the competitive pricing Amazon UK already has in place.

In 2008, Amazon removed the "Buy New" buttons from all of Hachette's books due to a disagreement which lasted more than a year. It is still unclear how Amazon will react to Hachette moving to the agency model, as the online retailer has declined to comment.

One of the popular novels that Hachette UK sells is Twilight Saga series: if you are dying to read it, I'd recommend you purchase it at some point today. There could also be the chance that books are removed altogether by Amazon or that they are made impossible to purchase for the near future. My advice is to get buy any eBooks from Hachette that you want before tomorrow.

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