Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Kindle 3.0.3 firmware preview update available

The Kindle 3.0.2 update has been available for a few days now officially (if you need instructions on how to get it click here). Meanwhile, Amazon has one again been hard at work and the 3.0.3 firmware preview is now available.

Amazon says that "this software update includes general performance improvements" meaning that there may be faster pageturns happening. If you do decide to download this preview as usual it is at your own risk but we'd love to know whether you have noticed any speed boosts or any bugs fixed.

The update is available for both US, UK and worldwide customers for both 3G and Wifi users. The download is available here along with instructions.

Update @ 15:35:
The firmware upgrade includes the following updates:

* Kernel, wifi driver, usb driver & eink controller driver updates
* Framework updates
* Browser updates

1 comment:

  1. When I received my Kindle 3 at Christmas, I was unable to make it join my wifi network at home. Other networks weren't a problem. I downloaded this new firmware, and now it will join my home network. So, clearly some wifi improvements have been made.