Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Kindle 3 Firmware Beta - 3.0.2

Update 3.0.1 has just got round to most Kindles worldwide this week, but Amazon is already hard at work with the next firmware update, entitled "3.0.2". It has a number of new updates according to Amazon - it "software update includes web browser and general performance improvements."

As expected there are no new features but the update does appear, according to early reports, to provide a noticeable speed boost for web browsing.

Customers who want to try this early release of the software and provide feedback can download the update at the Amazon website by clicking here. There are versions for US and Canada, and UK Kindles; make sure you read the website very carefully and exercise caution with the update.


  1. English Text to speech voices next please. Nuance Emily is perfect

  2. I agree it would be really nice to have a more natural reading voice, especially a British voice for those in the UK. I'm sure international users too wouldn't mind native voices - such as French, German or Portuguese.