Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hachette ebooks removed from Waterstones, WHS and eBook Repository - still on Amazon

Following Sunday's blog post stating that Hachette's eBook prices were to increase, Waterstones, WHS Tesco and eBook Repositorys have removed all Hachette UK's ebooks from sale on their websites. Amazon still has the ebooks up at the same prices as before which may suggest that Amazon has an exclusive deals with Hachette UK. It could also mean that Amazon is ignoring Hachette's requests to increase ebook prices.

What remains clear is that Amazon has not yet changed the prices on it's ebooks and is still following the policy outlined back in August in which it stated that all ebook prices would be set by themselves on the UK Kindle Store. We will be watching eBook prices closely over the coming days to be sure that Amazon doesn't sneak in any price increases.

Meanwhile, Apple has adopted and accepted Hachette's Agency pricing model on its iBook store meaning that these is a significant gap between Amazon and Apple's prices.  Breaking Dawn costs £4.49 on Apple's iBook store, but only costs £3.41 on Kindle.

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