Monday, 6 September 2010

Kindle 3 Shipping Updates - Monday, 6th September

Today was once again a disappointing day for hopefuls waiting for a Kindle with no new shipping notifications or any news from Amazon UK relating to the Kindle at all.

One member on the Amazon forums noted that a customer service rep had said that a big order would be arriving August 8th (this Wednesday). However, it is unclear how accurate this information is as the previous rumours of a shipment arriving August 4th seems to be just that - rumours.

This shipment arriving on the 8th would make partial sense as the current batch of orders are due to be dispatched "on or before September 8th." However, that would leave no time to pick and pack the orders as they would need to be sent out on the same day.

Let's hope that tomorrow will be a more fruitful day for those still awaiting the Kindle 3. The customer service reps either do not know information or are refusing to give out information at the moment - this is not typical service from Amazon UK and honestly, it has let my hopes down.

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  1. see this:

    " My 3G was ordered on 4th Aug with a dispatch due on or before 4th Sept. It was dispatched today (6th Sept) with an expected delivery date of 11th. "

    closest to an update for today?