Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Kindle News Roundup & 2 free books

Hi everyone, here's a mid-week news roundup and some free books to keep you occupied. Enjoy!

Amazon Kindle book sales
Amazon announced this week that they are selling more Kindle editions of their books than hardback and paperback books COMBINED for their top 1000 bestsellers - in some cases the ratio is as great as 2:1.

Steven Kessel, senior Vice President of Amazon Kindle, said: "For the top 10 bestselling books on, customers are choosing Kindle books over hardcover and paperback books combined at a rate of greater than 2 to 1.  Kindle books are also outselling print books for the top 25, 100, and 1,000 bestsellers—it's across the board."

Free Sponsored PDF books at
This site appears to be offering free books supported by ads. Now, the ads aren't randomly splashed over your book, instead they are only on the cover. Nice. These are PDF downloads.

2 free books:

1. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One
Rating: 3 stars average of 17 reviews
Synopsis: "The first in a series that follows "Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy" from their wedding day into married life, as the author vividly imagines this young and energetic couple as they immerse themselves in their profound love and face the challenges of their era. Elizabeth and Darcy adore each other and the burgeoning love and closeness between them drives the plot. As the narrative unfolds through the honeymoon and then the challenges of Elizabeth assuming the role of Mistress of Pemberley, Darcy and Elizabeth thoroughly reveal their differing points of view of how their relationship blossomed from misunderstanding to perfect understanding. As the couple grows in maturity and understanding, as they accustom themselves to each other and to married life, "Two Shall Become One" emerges as a fascinating portrait of a deep and passionate marriage."

2. To Conquer a Highlander
Synopsis: "When Torin McLeren discovers his neighbor’s plot against his king, he takes their daughter as his prisoner, thereby stopping her father’s plot from going forward. But that leaves him with a woman under his roof whom he can’t ignore, and not just because she’s his enemy’s daughter…A woman who’s as much trouble as she is temptation…Shannon McBoyd decides to use her captor to experience passion for the first time, and then to destroy him. But her plan goes awry because once she has lured Torin into her bed, she no longer wants to hurt the one man who seems to value and understand her…Even if her father will kill him—and her—when he discovers what they’ve done..."

1 product to consider:
1. iPod Touch 8GB - £184.95 - £15 discount = £169.95 (vs £189.99 RRP)
Amazon has Kindle apps available for the iPod Touch and Apple has recently released the latest model which has two cameras, a high-resolution screen, facetime video chat and thousands of games. You can also read your Kindle books on the iPod Touch without having to pay for them again - so waiting in a queue? Why not pop out your iPod and read for a bit.

I normally wouldn't be promoting such a far out of Kindle product BUT Amazon currently has £15 off the iPod Touch, so if you are looking for a good deal for yourself or in getting an early Christmas present this is your chance. This promotion expires at midnight, November 2nd 2010. Use the promo code "ITOUCH10" to get the £15 discount. If you want to grab one click here.

I'll see you during the weekend for some more Great Kindle Deals! Thanks for subscribing.

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