Thursday, 18 November 2010

Kindle news and some great value books

Hi everyone it's almost the weekend, and welcome to the latest edition of Great Kindle Deals. This time we have lots of Kindle news and some cheap books. I'd like to send out a great big thank you to you all as we are now number 14 in all blogs on the Kindle - thank you for subscribing!

Kindle News:
1. The Kindle is sold out internationally - Only Amazon US and Amazon UK currently have stock of the kindle meaning that customers not from these countries, who were previously able to buy Kindles on, are unable to purchase a Kindle. This seems to be due to unprecedented demand for the device due to its gift-ability factor and Amazon's recent campaigns in both print media and in video form portraying the Kindle as the ideal Christmas gift. If you missed these new Kindle adverts, take a look at last week's blogpost here

2. A colour Kindle is now possible - E ink, the makers of the current e-ink displays used by reading devices such as the Kindle, Sony Reader and the Nook, have announced a new technology which allows colour e-ink to be displayed just as black-and-white is now. Although, it does have to be said, this is not an LCD making it unsuitable for video or moving graphics - it is meant to be used as a book-reader with page turns. Would you buy a colour Kindle? What would you use it for? and How much would you potentially pay? Write in to and we'll select the best for the next newsletter.

3. Consumer reports - US analysts consumer reports, widely respected by many Americans, have just updated their reports on e-readers. The Kindle 3 3G + Wifi claims the top spot for best to sue everywhere with a score of 72/100 with the main problem being that it doesn't currently support rentals (although Amazon has said that they are now coming) and the top spot for best value goes to the Kindle 3 Wifi with 68/100 with the same problem being the lack of a rental feature.

4. Kindle for PC updated - if you sue the Kindle desktop client there is a new update with three new features: you now get the dictionary, you can choose to read in multiple columns and titles can be seen in list rather than thumbnail form.

5. Amazon brings black friday to the UK - Black Friday is a fantastic celebration of deals in the US when retailers slash costs by up to 70% off big name brands. Now Amazon is starting the tradition in the UK too promising millions of pounds of saving starting Monday, 22nd November 2010. If you do grab or bargain or are doing some Christmas shopping, I'd really appreciate it if you use my link on and click on any of the Amazon products along the side and then search Amazon as normal as we'll get a small referral credit which helps to keep us up and running.

Good cheap reads:
Rated 5/5 stars average from 6 reviews
Synopsis: "Jamie Beaverbrook is an English psychologist working for the Los Angeles Police Department. His job - to sort out the insane from the sane, the crazies from the ones who are pretending to be crazy. But Beaverbrook's life is turned upside down one night when the police find a girl crouched over a man with his throat torn out. The girl has blood on her lips but claims she only found the body. Beaverbrook doesn't take long to establish that she's totally sane - but he is forced to face a bigger question. Is she a vampire? And what does she want from him?

Once Bitten is a fast-paced 73,000 words, about 250 pages."

Rated 4/5 stars average from 9 reviews
Synopsis: "A serial killer is torturing and killing women in New York. And two detectives are sure that a writer is behind the murders. But as they close in on their suspect, a woman is being held captive in a basement somewhere in the city. Can they find the killer before the latest victim is killed?

The basement is a fast-paced novella of 40,000 words, about 120 pages, with a shocking twist in the tail"

Rated 5/5 stars average from 20 reviews
Synopsis: "Caz Tallis restores rocking horses in her London workshop. When shabby but charismatic Joe and his dog turn up on her roof terrace, she is reluctantly drawn into investigating a rock star's murder from three years before - an unsolved case the police have closed. Somebody is prepared to kill to prevent it being reopened - and is Caz's judgment clouding as she falls in love?

REMIX is a feel-good page turner, that you won't want to put down until you reach the satisfying ending."

Rated 4/5 stars average from 4 reviews
Synopsis: "Toby Robinson is 22 and broke. He lands a job as junior steward on a Russian billionaire's yacht in the Caribbean, and feels his luck is about to change.
It is, but not in the way Toby hoped. On his first night aboard he is framed for a brutal murder.
His attractive crewmate Julia seems to be the only one on his side. But can he trust her?
With his mobile phone confiscated, armed only with a winning smile and a flair for mixing cocktails, can Toby clear his name, stay alive - and foil the sinister international conspiracy that threatens to entangle him?
It's New Year's Eve and something terrible will take place at midnight. Time is running out, and so are Toby's options ...

'The Abigail Affair' is a fast-paced suspense thriller with a touch of British humour. 
Length: 105,000 words or about 420 pages. Suggested rating: 15+."

Have you read any books that you'd like to recommend this year? We're compiling a list of the best of 2010. Nominate a book by email us at

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