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Great Kindle Deals Newsletter - Monday, 28th March.

Hello and welcome to another edition of Great Kindle Deals. This edition has been slightly delayed by a day due to the blogging system which this is posted through but it's here now for your pleasure! Thanks for all the positive emails to as well as making us one of the Top 10 Kindle Blogs. Let's get straight in: to start there's a mixture of both positive and negative kindle news:

1. Writers donating to Japan Relief - a number of writers have decided to give all of part of their profits from their books to Japan to help the disaster. Thank you to everyone who has done this, I am sure the people there really do appreciate it. As there have been a large number of authors who have done this I didn't think it fair to only include some and not others directly here in the newsletter.

2. Ebook lending site shut down by - Although ebook lending is not avaialble in the UK as of yet, (in the US) has disabled the e-book sharing site "Lendle." This site allowed users to find others to trade books with; instead of just their friends they were able to trade with anyone onine. Amazon clearly didn't like this and shut the system down. What difference it makes to Amazon who is reading the book remains unclear to me..

3. Audiobooks come to Kindle - US only for now - Audiobook service is now available for American customers on the Kindle. Both UK and US users can copy Kindle files and listen to them through the MP3 player app on the Kindle, but now US users can download these files directly onto their Kindle for ease of use.

4. Kindle Millionaire gets 4-book deal - reports: " 26-year-old Minnesotan Amanda Hocking, aka the “Kindle millionaire,” has signed a seven-figure, four-book deal with St. Martins Press got around very fast.  On the New York Times blog Media Decoder, Julie Bosman writes: “A heated auction for the rights to publish her books began early last week, and several major publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, dropped out as the price climbed into the seven figures. The bidding eventually rose beyond $2 million for world English rights ... The first book in the series will be released in fall 2012, a spokeswoman for St. Martin’s said."

5. More kindle apps - today reports that: "Henri Hansen, the developer of Atomium, a periodic table reference app that sells for $0.99 in the App Store, contacted AppleInsider to note that Amazon had invited him via email to bring the app to Kindle, noting that the company was especially interested in educational apps."

Cheap books:

1. Sugar & Spice (£0.71)
Rated 4.5 stars average from 50 reviews
Synopsis: "Driven by the need to know why, a mother confronts the man accused of her daughter’s murder, He presents a compelling defence, convincing Claire not only that he is innocent of harming her daughter, but that his previous convictions were not what they seemed.
Would you trust a convicted sex offender to help you find your daughter's killer? Claire did...
Teaming up with a second-year psychology student and a fourteen year-old truant schoolboy, Sugar & Spice is the story of a mother’s fight to bring one man's reign of terror to an end."

2.BURN, BABY, BURN (£0.71)
Rated 5 stars average from 22 reviews
Synopsis: "Donna O'Prey is the most junior member of a small private security firm. A routine search for a missing teenage girl escalates into something much more serious when a ransom demand is received. Donna becomes convinced that Marcus is responsible for the abduction. Eleven years previously, while still a child, Marcus had been convicted of the brutal murder of two young children, but a Home Office review board has now sanctioned his release.
Donna needs all her battling qualities as she attempts to rescue the missing girl, but how will she cope when her own safety is threatened?

3. The Complete Father Born Mystery Collection (£0.71) - 52 Mysteries in 1.
Rated 5 stars average from 11 reviews
Synopsis: "Father Brown, a short, stumpy Catholic priest with shapeless clothes and a large umbrella, has uncanny insight into human evil.
Father Brown solves his crimes through a strict reasoning process more concerned with spiritual and philosophic truths rather than scientific details, making him an almost equal counterbalance with Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, whose stories Chesterton read and admired. Father Brown was the perfect vehicle for conveying Chesterton's view of the world and, of all of his characters, is perhaps closest to Chesterton's own point of view, or at least the effect of his point of view."

4. But Can You Drink the Water? - £0.70
Rated 4 stars average from 22 reviews
Synopsis: "A humorous portrayal of a naive working-class family’s attempts to fit in after emigrating from Liverpool to apartheid SA.
When Frank Turner informs his wife and teenage son they are emigrating from Liverpool to sunny South Africa, he is unprepared for their hostile response. His defiant son makes his own silent protest, and his wife’s assertion that “we never shoulda come” is parroted at every minor calamity.
The bewildered working-class scousers are thrust into an alien world of servants, strange African customs, unintelligible accents, and unexpected wild life (‘crocodiles’ on the wall). "

Free e-books:
1. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Rated 4.5 stars average from 39 reviews
Synopsis: "The story is set in the late 18th century against the background of the French Revolution. Although Dickens borrowed from Thomas Carlyle's history, The French Revolution, for his sprawling tale of London and revolutionary Paris, the novel offers more drama than accuracy. The scenes of large-scale mob violence are especially vivid, if superficial in historical understanding. The complex plot involves Sydney Carton's sacrifice of his own life on behalf of his friends Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette. While political events drive the story, Dickens takes a decidedly antipolitical tone, lambasting both aristocratic tyranny and revolutionary excess--the latter memorably caricatured in Madame Defarge, who knits beside the guillotine."

2. Emergency: Wife Lost and Found by Carol Marinelli
Rated 4.5 stars average from 7 reviews
Synopsis: "Marriage reunited – in A&E!  Every emergency doctor dreaded recognising someone in Casualty – even cool-headed consultant James Morrell. But he was doubly shocked when the unconscious patient he was asked to treat was instantly familiar. It was his ex-wife!
Dr Lorna McClelland hated being ill, hated being stuck in a hospital bed, but above all she hated having to rely on James. Then, as she recovered, all the wonderful things about their marriage came flooding back"

3. Mia's Scandal
Rated 3.5 stars average from 4 reviews
Synopsis: " Billionaire Oscar Balfour’s daughters are the darlings of the tabloid press – so it’s no surprise that the arrival of an illegitimate Balfour girl sends the gossip columns wild! Mia needs to learn the gilt-edged ways of his world fast. Brooding Greek tycoon Nikos takes her on as his personal assistant. Can he come to her rescue"

I hope you enjoy these books and grabbed some great freebies. See you next week!

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