Monday, 7 March 2011

The return of Great Kindle Deals

Hi everyone,

Despite being just 5 weeks gone, the emails I have recieved from all my former readers have been overwhelming in support and asking for the blog to return. Well - here it is.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I have chosen to bring back the blog and the answer is very simple - Amazon has provided me with statistics. Yes, the lack of statistics made the blog disappear but now Amazon is giving me up to date statistics for every subscriber meaning I can communication coherently with you.

So, what does this all mean?
Great Kindle Deals is returning with at least one newsletter a week packed with reviews, tips, news, free books and of course Great Kindle Deals targetted only at the UK Audience.

How do I subscribe?
As before, just search for Great Kindle Deals in the Amazon Kindle Store and subscribe from there. All new posts will come to your Kindle automatically as soon as they are published.

But I didn't just want to leave you there hanging until next week, so here is some quick Kindle News, much more will follow in usual issues including reviews and free books.

1. Apple's 30% asking - Apple is asking App makers such as the Kindle for 30% of all their sales. Amazon has not commented on the issue but is understood to be in talks with Apple. If these talks do not succeed there will be two options - either remove the Kindle store from Apple devices and make it a book-reading only app with no ability to purchase books, or remove the App entirely. Amazon has another couple of months to decide its options.

2. Kindle millionaire - Amanda Hocking has made over $1,000,000 in book sales from the Kindle store through her vampire books as an independant author. Nice job!

3. Kindle firmware update - You can update your kindle through the settings menu and you cna take advantage of new features: page numbers - just like real books, you'll get a page number as well as a location meaning you can follow along with others reading regular paperbacks; Public notes - see notes in books left by others; Before you go - as soon as you finish a book you are now prompted to review it, please do this as it allows people to get a better understanding of which books are worth buying; new layout - magazines and newspapers now had a better, more skin-readable layout.

4. Kindle books outsell paperbacks - Although this is only on Amazon's website, Kindle books have outsold paperbacks for the first time - in fact for every 100 paperback books, 115 Kindle books are sold. The e-reader is truly proliferating.

So that's it for this quick update - I'll see you this weekend for the regular newsletter packed with Great Kindle Deals!
Go on, Subscribe now.

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